Paint Correction Services:

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Paint Correction, by technical definition, is the process of permanently removing paint defects from automobile surfaces.

At IMMACULATE REFLECTIONS, Paint Correction Services, breathe life back vehicles and put that extra pep into an owner’s step before each drive. We believe paint correction unlocks the inner beauty trapped within each vehicle. Our goal is to help share that with every vehicle owner and with the world.

Paint Correction Service Menu

Depending on the severity and amount of defects within the painted surface, Immaculate Reflections offers varying levels of paint polishing to enhance your vehicles finish.

One  Step  Paint Correction

This service is recommended for vehicles in exceptional condition; generally less than 1% of vehicles on the road.

A One Step process removes light swirl marks from improper washing and light scratches, about 40-50% defect removal. Also restoring gloss, color, and reflectivity to the surface.

This will not remove many deeper scratches often uncovered below multiple layers of spider web swirl marks.

Two  Step  Paint Correction

This service is recommended for the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the road.

A Two Step process revitalizes paint, removing medium to heavy swirls marks and scratches (from a 85% + defect removal) , water spotting, bird and insect marks, faded paint from excessive UV exposure, as well as the many “love” marks associated with daily driving.

The result is paint that rivals or beats factory condition and glows like never before. These vehicles showcase: spectacular color, extreme depth, supreme gloss, and a surface that reflects everything.

Three  Step  Plus  Paint Correction & Concours Competition Level Paint Preparation.

The intricacies and steps of these services vary, depending on scope and overall goals.

Starting @ 90% + defect removal, the result of these paint polishing services are surface finishes that will wow each and every onlooker in traffic. This level is perfect for vehicles frequenting local car club meet ups, or on the lawn at a prestigious concours event. This is our highest category of paint polishing.

Objectives for these services must be clearly communicated so that Immaculate Reflections may transform your paint to a level that will be the envy of all.

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