Paint Protection Film: Defend Your Vehicle’s Surfaces

2018 Jeep Trackhawk requires a repaint in areas where no PPF protected panels from road debris impacts.

What is Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, PPF?

Durable Surface Protection Defined

Paint Protection Film (a.k.a. Clear Bra or PPF) is a durable protective layer which protects automotive surfaces by absorbing and or deflecting the force of road debris impacts. This transparent urethane film guards automotive surfaces from rock chips, door dings, and the random acts of day to day living with automobiles. PPF also adds UV protection to surfaces while providing contamination protection from bird bombs, insect guts, tree sap, road tar, and chemical contamination.

Paint Protection Film Provides Vehicle Owner Peace of Mind

At Immaculate Reflections vehicles are an expression of passion, self, and fun for every owner. We do everything in our power to ensure they positively impact their owners state of mind. So we are always looking to best protect vehicles long-term…. so they can always provide their owners some precious joy and comfort. For us there is no better protection than Paint Protection Film for exterior surfaces. This is by far the best way to ensure vehicles look their best long-term.

Immaculate Reflections SF Offers Films by: Xpel Ultimate, Suntek Ultra, & STek Dynoshield

Immaculate Reflections SF Bay Area offers Xpel paint protection film to protect automobiles from rock chips and road impacts.

Suntek Ultra paint protection film protects vehicles from rock chips and the impacts of daily life on vehicles.

Xpel Ultimate & Stealth (Matte Film), Suntek Ultra, and Stek Dynoshield are among the industry leaders in films, patterns, and customer satisfaction. These durable films offer clients the ability to choose a protective film with the type of finished look they desire.

PPF Coverage Options for All Driver Styles & Preferences

Immaculate Reflections offers many coverage options for protecting vehicle surfaces. The following diagram showcases the most popular packages which best suit most driving habits and protection preferences. We can also work with you to build a custom protection package.

Immaculate Reflections Auto Detailing offers many Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra) options to protect your vehicle from road impacts.

BASIC PPF Coverage:

  • Full Front Bumper
  • Partial Hood (a.k.a. Bikini Cut)
  • Partial Fenders
  • Sideview Mirrors

STANDARD (Full Front) PPF Coverage:

  • Full Hood
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Fenders
  • Sideview Mirrors


  • Full Hood
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Fenders
  • Sideview Mirrors
  • Rocker Panels
  • A Pillars & Front Roofline


  • ALL VEHICLE Exterior Surfaces

Protect YOUR Vehicle from Road Impacts, Chips, and Dings Today